You Can Call Me Jay

                        A Screenplay

Mathew and Peter a couple of 30 something guys decide to go camping in the Southern California desert and attend a "Golden Oldies" rock concert.  Just as they get settled in and setting up their tent, a flash streaks across the horizon at dusk. Soon after, a disheveled character wearing robes and carrying a shepherds staff wanders into their campsite and begins speaking in Hebrew.

This delusional Jesus character  decides to join the two and go with them to the concert.  Unfortunately they run into a motorcycle gang along the way  Jesus [you can call me Jay] performs the first of many coincidental miracle, or are they?   What happens next is a laughable week-long journey which takes the threesome to a Jewish wedding in L.A., a celebrity-look-a-like contest in Las Vegas; a bank robbery, and a bit part in a Hollywood movie.

Actress Betty White said "I love the characters.....especially like the ending that lets you draw your own conclusions....I found it wonderful.