Who Was E. B. GallAher?

The life and times of Mr. Gallaher is a fascinating look at the late 19th and early 20th Centuries when inventions of every type imaginable were being made.

The introduction of electricity, the phonograph, subways, gasoline powered automobiles, indoor plumbing, flushing toilets, and most of the conveniences enjoyed by contemporary society were invented during this era.

Gallaher himself was an inventor, an entrepreneur, and later in his life a right-wing newsletter publisher.  One of the mysteries surrounding his life, was what happened to the unfulfilled bequest he made to The Stevens Institute of Technology.  His will called for leaving his entire sizable estate to his alma mater with stipulations that the institution build a research facility on his expansive Connecticut estate.  It never happened and no one seems to know why or what happened to the millions of dollars left to the Institute.

The story of E. B. Gallaher is an interesting overview of the history from this gilded era in New York City and the country, and is highlighted by his interests in the automobile and auto racing, and his social connections with the original "one percenters".