The Fartster

This is a story about a boy named "Cheeky" who has what is referred to as "flatulence extraordinaire" as in he farts a lot!   He was well liked by his friends and fellow students, and of course despite his personal challenge with passing gas, was loved by his family.

It wasn't long that Cheeky turned his farting into something that endeared him to his buddies, but turned off his teachers and those in authority.

One day when searching the internet he found a website announcing the first "World Cup Ausfarht Games" to be held in Germany.  He couldn't wait to enter and when he was accepted, he then convinced his parents to take him to the games in Ausfarht, Germany!

The rest is history, but to find out what happened, read the humorous story full of cartoon like illustrations which add to the exploits of the main character: Cheeky!