Short shorts

  Humorous and Compelling Short Stories

Fourteen short stories ranging from the humorous to the more serious.  This 228 page book introduces the character "Cheeky" who soon will have his own illustrated book.  

Additionally a guy named "Speed" fights the ageing process and develops the worlds fastest endurance race car.  Not to be outdone, "Bellyroll Earl" a bigger than life size dude from Megaloosa, Alabama just loves to eat, and eat and eat but wins a million dollars by a diet devised by his mother Earllean.

Then there is the "Ponz" an 19th Century schemer from Italy. Did he really invent what Madoff made so famous just recently?

Each one of the 14 stories has a character who faces one of life's challenges and either overcomes it or succumbs.  Some characters know what's happening, others have something happen to them, and some others just don't know what's happening!