"Bunker                              Treasures"

In the heat of World War II with Germany now occupying its neighboring countries, the Fuhrer himself, Adolph Hitler made a mysterious decision.

It was 1942 and after his henchmen had stolen thousands of artworks, he ordered the theft of another one that was of personal interest to him.  This artwork would later become the subject of numerous articles and books and has become the focus of treasure hunters around the world.  This special work of art is called "The Amber Room."  It is still missing.

Bunker Treasures" is a mystery/thriller which follows its main character from New York to Savannah to Munich, Salzburg, Lyon, Vienna and to a small village on the border of Germany and Austria.  His search is guided by his father's WWII map  and the subsequent discovery is the beginning of more challenges than he has ever faced in his lifetime. Interpol, the Russians, and a band of thugs are after him and his life is threatened.