Abducti‚Äčon at Dawn

                     The Screenplay

What happens when a disgruntled group of U.S. Military decide their only course of action to prevent the President from signing away the country's defense is to kidnap him?

A decorated and soon to be retired Navy Admiral pulls together like minded military leaders who lay out a plot to thwart the plans of the President.  Theirs is a do or die mission and once begun there was no turning back.

The launch of the newest nuclear powered stealth submarine under the command of the Admiral is the destination for the kidnapped President.  His departure aboard his helicopter, Marine One, begins stage one of the plot as rogue secret service agents assisted by Marine pilots commandeer the copter.

Later after the President is sequestered aboard submarine off the coast of North Carolina, negotiations with the Vice President and the Security Cabinet seem to be of no avail.  What happens next becomes a national security threat and the life of the President hangs in the balance.